Welcome to The Incense blog!


  Hello and welcome to The Incense blog! This blog will post at least once a week and will include my personal incense reviews, tips on making incense, and even tips on how to start your own line of handmade, natural incense and sell them! This blog will be unique in that it will be the only blog to touch on Incense entrepreneurship and incense creation as well as reviews. More exciting and interesting posts are to follow this one VERY shortly!


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About incenseblog

My interest in natural, premium incense began in high school. I was dabbling in Zen meditation and would burn incense while meditating. I became interested in premium incense brands after a terrible experience with some cheap "twice dipped" incense that used synthetic oils and smelled like burning plastic. I had a headache for a week straight! I began to search online for all natural incense and luckily found what I was looking for. Wonderful, natural, magical smell and no headaches. Soon after, my love for incense bloomed into a large collection and I began researching and creating my own incense senior year of high school. After high school I joined the 9-5 life for some years and now I'm just about to work for myself and live free. No boss, and location independent. My goal is to make a non-violent, comfortable living on my own. I discovered many people like my incense enough to want to buy them, and that has helped bring me to that goal.

2 responses to “Welcome to The Incense blog!”

  1. chrissyfaery36 says :

    Sounds exciting!! 🙂 I look forward to reading more! xx

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